Sunday, May 23, 2010

Videos from the 2010 Spring Dance recital at the YMCA.

Emma's first ballet performance, to "How Sweet It Is" (sung by Michael Buble):

Nora's Musical Theater class performed "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast. The first day the full cast was there, and it was a good performance. The second day was better because Nora played the lead role of Lumiere... but only a few of the kids were there, so the performance had a few holes. Here's the first day:

And here's the second day, with Nora as Lumiere:

Emma also performed both days. Here is her other performance, which shows more of her classmates:

Nora's 2008 recital

The Y has casual recitals in even years and formal recitals at the Pantages in odd years. These are videos from the 2008 casual recital in the gym. Emma didn't perform, but she danced along in the back. Nora's performance (she's the first girl):

Emma stays busy (she was 3):